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Along with its soft and smooth feel, the case also features a card holder in the back of the design, that fits up to 3 cards total, from credit cards, gift cards, or your ID. The inside of the case has a satin-like interior with a fine Japanese microfiber to keep your phone snug and secure through years of use. We love the full protection the case offers your pricy iPhone, with the leather wrapping around the edges of the phone so knicks or cracks are less likely to happen.

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  • Because we carry our phones with us quite literally everywhere, it is key to choose one that distinguishes us from the rest. Our favorite colors are the tan and black options ideal for the modern millennial or the timeless gentlemen who wants to make a bit more of a statement with their phone. To maintain the rich quality of the leather, Mujjo recommends that you use an aniline oil treatment to touch up the case every so often—just like your freshly-pressed work shirts, your phone case should match the professional vibe.

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    FakeSpy is capable of stealing text messages, as well as account information, contacts, and call records stored in the infected device. Attack Chain Would-be victims will first receive a mobile text message masquerading as a legitimate message from a Japanese logistics and transportation company urging recipients to click the link in the SMS, as shown in Figure 1.

    The link will redirect them to the malicious webpage, and clicking any button will prompt users to download an Android application package APK. The webpage also has a guide, written in Japanese, on how to download and install the app.

    MoqHao Related Android Spyware Targeting Japan and Korea Found on Google Play

    Figure 1: Sample SMSs containing links to the malware. Further analysis indicates that this campaign also targets South Korean users, and has been active since October To Korean users, the information-stealing malware appears as an app for several local consumer financial services companies.

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    When targeting Japanese users, it poses as apps for transportation, logistics, courier, and e-commerce companies, a mobile telecommunications service, and a clothing retailer. Figure 2: The malicious webpage with instructions on downloading and installing the application. Figure 3: Screenshots of the malicious apps in Korean left and Japanese center, right.

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    Once launched, FakeSpy will start monitoring for text messages that the affected device receives. FakeSpy as a vector for a banking trojan Apart from information theft, FakeSpy can also check for banking-related applications installed in the device.

    How Did a Former British Navy Officer End Up as a Japanese Spy?

    It also warns users that their account will be locked. Besides online banking apps, it also checks for apps used for digital currencies trading and e-commerce.