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Audio Files. GPS Tracking. Installed Applications. Address Book. Ambient Recording. N see now I have like five damn anti spy apps and none of them say anything is wrong but I damn near hit a ten for ten on that list I know my shit is being watched or monitor end … Ya you fuck off get a life.. Sorry bout that but idk iv used so many apps that say my shits good to go but its not. Lookout Security is great. I would know first hand. They informed me of a spy app put on my phone.

It was the worst feeling ever. I know who did it. Research Lookout. Zmana offers a two week free trial, I used them and they remotely connected to my phone and went through everything and found my spyware that no other app or company could find. You have to email them and ask them to do it, it took a few days but they did it.

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But they dont control your life. Once your collected data is used against you directly…. I dont like the fact google gathers it, but im not looking over my shoulder for google cars either. When a person you see everyday gets that data, its a whole other thing. Its not paranoia if your right. That is a hell no one should have to go through.

How to spy on a cell phone Samsung Galaxy J2

On top of that, the feeling may never go away once its known to be real. If its done by people you care about, you may never trust anyone again. I only trust my dog. If it were not for him, i dont even know how i would cope. I just be sure to do right by him and he takes me out situations he senses are taking me to a bad mindset. It even appears he is misbehaving at times, even in my eyes, but usually he is just a step ahead and pulling me away from it. Animals know who the bad people are. Best Of Luck. Some spyware apps that show files in a file manager occasionally have a phone number or E-Mail that info is being sent to.

What spyware app shows you who is spying on you??? I believe it is my ex boyfriend and I want to nail him to the wall and she him. Great effort. It helped me to answer in a question in quora asked by someone. Is there anywhere to send the phone that, for a fee, an expert could look and see where the info was being sent or how often or what spyware was installed and when?

Spy and tracking App for Samsung Galaxy S8,S7, S6, Nexus etc

The spyinstall in this case was done in another country and I would like to know if it was there a month or 6? I am sure I have several of these problems mentioned above.

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  8. I also have 6gb of files I must keep for a project this fall and I have no idea if they are corrupt yet or not. Do you suggest backing up to cloud and to memory stick or just memory stick?

    Samsung Galaxy S8: 5 Actual Hidden Tips + ONE SUPER SECRET Feature!

    When I do get around to look at the files, I will use an old pc, just in case the virus tries to mess with more of my work. Any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Hi judy i just read that you would not recommend cm or anything with cheetah apps I have heard this before so what apps would you recommend for a Samsung galaxy prevail? To replace the cm antivirus junk cleaner etc please let me know thank you very much thanks for all the help guys have done.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for commenting. I have a android ZTE Paragon it has a 4. Hi Brandon, Have you tried a factory reset? If you do decide to do that, remember to backup your phone. My x has been doing this to my phone for years. I have changed numbers many times. Is there a way to stop this. Hi Christy, Maybe some type of spy app was installed on your phone, that could be a possibility. Have you tried a factory reset? If you do try it, remember to back up your essentials. You cannot reuse your previous account. My boyfriend was able to force my Bluetooth and send a picture file that was infected.

    Looks like the NSA tuned in again. They probably know what I am having for dinner. You can always try an anti-spy app like this one. Every cell phone has to periodically poll the cell tower to announce that it is still connected etc.