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The app face is shown above. The picture Is valid as of December Download spy sitter.

Invisible Hidden Wireless Secret Spy Ear Earphone Earpiece for Mobile Phone

In the spy sitter app, you have the options the transmit from your Bluetooth to phone, your phone to Bluetooth save files and disable calls. Troubleshooting: Sometimes spy sitter will not respond and you need to close and reopen the app. This is due because the app is still in beta. If this happens often, just send feedback to the developer.

All that is left is to check that the following is done: 1. The Bluetooth is connected to the phone. You have downloaded the app Spy sitter.

Ear Spy - Overpass Apps

Invisible wireless earpiece receives signal by an inductive loop across electromagnetic fields;. Close the battery case and put the earpiece into your ear canal. Model 1 : Single hole version. Overall sound quality is better. Economic spy earbud for build low-cost wireless covert communication system.

It is a great choice for students because price is lower than other electronic earpiece and has good wireless hearing funct This item only earpiece. One coil supports multiple earpieces. You may using two earpieces with one coil to get better listening effects.


Wireless mini earpiece invisible Hidden spy earphone ear Secret bug for Loopset You will find in our shop with a lot of Spy Earpeice Gadget, Just to have a look Description : Please not the this mini It could be used with any Cell Phone with 3. You can buy 3. The Signal button can be put under your This is a hint sound, because the earpiece is mainly used for covert talk, maybe you cannot convenient to replace the bat I love the ML friendly two-button surface, eye-catching and super small design.

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The spy earpiece sits securely in the ear and cannot be seen by others. The set also comes in a nice white box with a detailed manual. Your service is very helpful.

WORLD'S SMALLEST Spy Earpiece Review

I don't know what I would do without spy earpiece set at the end of the last semester in college. I found a job some days before exams so I had NO time for getting ready for the exams as well as I always did. Thanks to the spy earpiece now I have a good job and I finished the college as a top student in my group! Thank you so much! I received my spy earpiece set and was impressed.

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  • Spy earpiece set is a multifunctional device that is highly useful in any situation when you need secret assistance. The spy earpiece has the highest popularity among students who use it at exams and tests.

    outnadedustwind.ml However exams and tests are not the only cases when you may need a spy set. Successful businessmen and speakers also use it frequently. Learn where else you can use a spy set. Spy products are ready-to-use sets including a micro earpiece and a Bluetooth transmitter with an in-built microphone.