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It's clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run. GetGo Download Manager 4. Size: 2. Glary Utilities 4. Free Antivirus Its decisions are based on artificial intelligence that works inside the algorithm responsible for analyzing suspicious files. LuckyWire 1. Comodo Internet Security 6. Anti- spyware : Detects spyware threats and destroys each infection. Bot Protection: Prevents I can't get in to safe mode, nor do i know how on this pc for some reason HP Pavil c. Also, there's probably no chance of my boss actually having a copy of his re-install or original OS CD. Thanks in advance.

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DavidCo Sr. Member Posts: System repair needs disk Phone HP for safe mode instructions Get rid of spyware terminator 'cos it sounds like it is scheduled to carry out those actions but can't. I think you already know this, but when you get an alert that tells you that you have an infection and you are given the options of actions to take, it is safer to put items into the Avast Virus Chest rather than delete.

In your case, as you learned the hard way, you have now deleted important files that are needed for the machine to run. If the files were put into the Chest, the files would be safe there and could be at a later date rescanned to see if the infection was a false positive and later restored or you could see what the files were and obtain those files from another source.

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So in the future, play it safe by taking the action of "Put the item in the Virus Chest. Mac Thank you. Also, delete your email from your post here and others in the future so spammers do not harvest it. Hi, Try booting in safe mode with networking by hitting F8 as the computer is starting and doing system restore to another restore point?.

I f the computer will run try update avast and try and download malware bytes and do a scan with this and remove what it finds in safe mode with networking. Boot normally if computer then runs ok then run a boot scan with avast and move any files to chest.

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XP SP3. AVAST 9. On the safe mode menu is there an option for Last Known Good If so then select that What is the operating system? If it is windows 7 it can be repaired from the recovery console.


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Whoops misread the post as cannot use safe mode. Then try last known config option. If the viruses have corrupted the system restore points then you are out of luck. An XP install cd is req sp3 what ever service pack you are on and boot from that to select repair windows.

Safe mode would be ideal. But you stated you can't boot into it. To enter safe mode repeatedly tap the F8 as stated in a previous post key while your machine is booting. If it won't boot into safemode then see below. Before starting the following please read through it first and decide what may work or may not work for you. Are you at a point where you can hit alt-control-delete and have it bring up task manager? I'm not sure if the boot has gotten that far or not.

If you can then I would: 1.